Event Driven Architecture — Series Part I — Create a kafka lab in WSL2

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

[Last Updated : 07 of January of 2023]

Nowadays the use of event-driven architectures sounds a lot in all professional environment. This makes me wonder how to learn to solve their integration in the design of solutions and architecture proposal.

Designing solutions and architectures involves knowing what you have in your hands, and getting down to work by preparing a laboratory where you can start experimenting.

This basics config are create in a windows 10 machine with WSL2, due the use of Windows Linux Subsytem can be ideal for this type of labs, it does not mess up your windows environment and you work in this case on ubuntu 20.4 under command line, which gives simplicity and ease of use.

Prerequisites and necessary tools.

It is necessary to have the following items pre-installed and configured before installing Kafka

  • WSL installed on and configured on your Windows.
  • curl, for kakfa download.
  • Java 8 or higher, as a specific prerequisite, to run kafka :

Tips: It is a minimum requirement to have Java jdk8 installed at least and to have it configured in the ~/ect/environment file. For example in the